People usually provide me with their own picture or a picture of their friend for me to draw. The following is a simple chart which explains my pricing.

NOTE: I will only draw in size A4 or square 1080p with 300dpi

face commission (2).png

Face drawing

  • $10 USD per character

  • +$25 USD background add-on

half commission.png

Half Body

  • $18 USD per character

  • +$25 USD background add-on

image coming soon.png

Full Body

  • $25 USD per character

  • +$25 USD background add-on


I will not be accepting commissions which ask me to draw inappropriate or disturbing images, or which can hurt anybody physically or emotionally. Anybody who submits obscene, bullying, disturbing or spam image for me to draw will not have their amount refunded and I have the right to refuse that order.

Payment Procedure

Let's say you are interested in having someone drawn in my art style. You will click the "Pay" button which will lead you to a page. That page will have a form in which you will upload a picture/describe your character. But that form can only be accessed until you pay for it. Once you place your order in that form, I will start drawing it immediately. It usually takes me 7-12 business days depending on the complexity or number of orders submitted to complete a request. After I will finish my drawing, I will mail that art on the email which you would have provided in the form. In case I am not able to finish your drawing, you will get a 100% refund but only if you have PayPal. Easypaisa is also accepted if you live in Pakistan. But no refund will be made via cash or bank transfer.