About Me

Hi, I am Sheepish Artist. I run my small business all alone. I handle everything; from drawing, editing, printing, packing materials and posting them to you. All of this is time-consuming and I have to work extra hard. Your every purchase/donation will help make that time worthwhile. Feel free to contact me relating to my products. Peace!

My goal

There are some who tell me drawing won't support me in life and that pursuing art is not the proper way to earn. I want to prove them wrong. Which is why I want to use my website to let visitors help me in an easy way. My first goal is to pursue digital art professionally. If you support or donate a small amount, I will finally be able to maintain this website and keep updating my store with new stock.

I hope you will help me in this journey.


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My drawing tools

I start with a soft pencil and a normal sketchbook like any other artist. For colouring, I use Winsor & Newton's watercolours. I also like acrylics and there is no specific brand for them. I buy whatever is available. But most of the times, I draw rough ideas on a paper and then proceed to scan/take a photo from phone and draw the final version digitally.


(To keep things clear, I'm not sponsored by any company mentioned below. These are purely my choices).

I use the old Wacom bamboo pen and touch tablet with my laptop. Sometimes I like to use my Surface go tablet with its surface pen. It's not that ideal for drawing as it lags a lot and its palm rejection feature isn't as great as an iPad's. But it does most of the work. The only problem is that surface go only allows software which is available in the Microsoft store.

For printing my art, I use HP's smart tank 515. It does a good job for a home-based business.


My favourite software is clip studio paint. It's cheaper than adobe photoshop or illustrator and does most of the work. My second favourite is Krita.  It's totally FREE!

For rough ideas and pencil sketches, I use Leonardo. Leonardo is only available for the Windows store. If anybody wants to draw on a Surface Go tablet, I suggest they start from Leonardo. I've heard that a single guy created the whole software! Which is why I didn't mind paying for it. Because I thought maybe the guy needs money like me. Haha! Anyway, it's a great software for surface tablets. It's sturdy with no bugs and it never slows the computer. Krita isn't suitable for Surface tablet because it gets slow when the drawing I'm working on is huge in size. So that's when I switch to Leonardo. It's simpler to use than Krita. But if I'm working on my laptop, I love both Clip Studio Paint and Krita.

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